Wednesday, 8 July 2015

In the desert of my soul, I...

This is the statement Mary asked us to complete yesterday at the end of the first phone call of the Wild Soul Woman e-course, but what was I to write??


I am not naturally drawn to the desert landscape - I am fair skinned, avoid the sun, and much prefer a temperate climate. Even after three years in central California , I didn't tan!

But as I entered the meditation, I thought of the desert mystics, my love of stillness, and silence, and I let go of my anxiety and gave over to my pen...

In the desert of my soul, 
I am not afraid.
I am tall, I am proud.
I carry within me
deep, juicy greenness.
My skin may be parched and brittle,
but inside I am soft and rich.
I have everything I need.

I am a long-necked woman.
I am a strong-limbed woman.
I am a wise, discerning woman.
I know how to listen to desert song.
I embrace the heat of the day,
and the coolness of night.
Neither alarms me.

I am prepared for everything
this desert has to teach me.
I am not afraid.
I understand the rocks.
I understand the heat.
I understand the thorn tree.
I understand the lizard.
Sing to me,
I am listening.


  1. That's so beautiful Claire

  2. Wow Claire, this is wonderful, I could feel the power of these words from here, really touching. If you wrote it after the first call, I can't wait to read what you'll write ahead. Thanks for the message on my blog, I'm without inspiration for blogging right now, but I'll keep check you out, your posts always give me some inspiration :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm so glad, Elizabeth :) We all have to step back from posting to refill our well from time to time, I think...
      Sending love and drops of inspiration xx

  3. Great poem! I love the juicy greenness. I think in the desert of my soul, I'd be saying, "Damn, I wish I had a cold beer."

  4. Wow, just wow. This is profound and beautiful and powerful. Very well written and straight from the heart of your soul.


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