Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Collage no. 3

I'm really getting into a daily rhythm... 3 down, 27 to go :D

Yesterday, I saw this in Tracie's newsletter and knew I had to read the blog post... It so reminded me of being that little girl who would lie on the grass and press her ear against the Earth... I swear I could hear the worms munching and the grass growing! Although I couldn't verbalize it at the time, I knew I was made of the same 'stuff'...

I've used this image, and Tracie's blog post, to inspire today's collage. Thank you, Tracie!

Sometimes I just marvel... I have been collecting these images for years, stashing them in drawers, carrying them from home to home, and for what?? 
Left-hand page

Why else would I have saved that cartoon from an old Mixtape zine called 'My Quiet Forest' by flossy-p? (I don't even think they still exist...) And a couple of years ago I typed out various quotes and sayings on my trusty typewriter. This one reads:
The world sparks and hums with radiance.
Even when we fail to notice,
all still shimmers and shines.

But I didn't add the source, so I've no idea who said it, but it's just PERFECT!

And, of course, dear Frida makes an appearance... I've loved her work since college, but now after the stroke, she is taken on much more significance for me (see this post).

The little girl in the bear mask is a postcard free in Flow magazine, and I think it's a Black Apple image... I was never allowed to dress up when I was little (yes, there's a lot to say about that!!), so it's a very powerful image for me...

And next to her is a page from an old We'Moon diary:

Wind Prayer
I am every blade of grass and I am alone.
I walk the sharp edge between worlds and see far and wide.
Where is the middle? I ask. The Wind Mother speaks,
'You could not see both ends if you were not in the middle.'
excerpt Lynn Flory 2012

with the painting 'Queen of the Night' (Diana Rivers, 1986).

Right-hand page

A beloved Pre-Raphaelite painting, 'The Daydream' by Rossetti, and another We'Moon page with the image 'Blue Blue Hearts' by Cori Caputo 2002 and the words:

The Earth kisses the soles
of my feet
With each step, I bless her,
promise her healing.
Giita Priebe 2012

Underneath that is a page from last year's quote-a-day calendar:

Only do what your heart tells you.
Princess Diana

and a Teesha Moore business card I must have kept safe for over a decade!! And next to this is a much more recent image cut from a birthday card (thanks, Lois!), a favourite June Uriagereka painting!

And finally a woman on a bike clipped from a magazine. I loved my bike as a kid, it was my means to freedom - I would cycle miles around the villages! And when I went to Oxford it was the only mode of transport around the city, and perfect for exploring the villages beyond... I still really miss being able to ride a bike...

And there you have it - and if you've read all this, wow, thank you! Sorry it's been such a l-o-n-g post, but this has been a very important collage, stirring up lots of memories, and laying the words and images down has been very therapeutic...

Thanks again, Tracie, for the inspiration!!


  1. I realised last night that I could be collecting images, etc in a box as I find them, so it's interesting to hear that many of these things you've had for some time.

    1. That's a great idea, Alison! Eventually you'll have 10 drawers full - I kids you not!!

  2. Oh Claire! I'm so honored my post sparked such creative flow! How beautiful!!!!

    1. No thank YOU, Tracie - I'm thrilled that we connected via Angel's AYAAD - and maybe you can Art Therapist to your list of skills/qualifications :D x

  3. Glad you saved these little pieces, everything has its own time to show up!

    1. Indeed it does, Elizabeth - though my hubby wishes I'd used them up sooner, so he had some drawer space for his bits n bobs :)

  4. that's beautiful - I absolutely love "I am every blade of grass and I am alone". Gorgeous. And your post didn't feel long enough to me!

    1. Bless you, Caz, I felt I'd rambled incessantly... so thank you for that :D


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