Friday, 12 June 2015

Collage no. 12

In the mood for a colour-themed collage... Blues and greens... The colours of a sunny June sky and the verdant English countryside. The birds woke me at 4.30am, and it's just lovely here today :D

Left-hand page

No idea who the portrait is of - an ancient Greek noblewoman, maybe. I just like the Moroccan tile background, which I imagine could have been in her elegant villa...

This is one of my favourite Alfred Wallis paintings clipped from an old Tate diary, and I think the lovely wolf illustration came from here, when I bought a beanie several years ago...

Right-hand page

Various images from magazines (I love how the blue has crept across the page *grin*), a page from last year's quote-a-day calendar, I can't remember where the lovely alphabet card came from or the embossed hearts...

'Tis a very happy collage - our son comes home from college today - how can he have completed his first year at uni already????

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!

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