Monday, 1 June 2015

A New Project...

I don't know why, but for the last few days I've sensed a need to 'do something' in June...

Sadly, I have no money to go on a course or pay to be inspired, so to distract myself from the pain (I finally got Botox in my right arm today - 5 injection marks are throbbing along my arm and inner shoulder), I trawled th'internet for inspiration...

And I've decided to try and do a Collage a Day (gulp!)

So I found an empty journal (yes, I always have a stash!) and got to it...

On the left is an image from Country Living (LOVE that magazine!) and THE perfect quote clipped from who-knows-where...

On the right is a small painting I bought from Francesca Burras years ago called 'The Women' (inspired by T.S. Eliot, "the women come and go speaking of Michelangelo"),but which I never got around to framing! And other words clipped from magazine adverts...

I didn't realize I'd used so many shiny papers, which sadly don't photograph well, but you get the idea :)

'Here's Hoping' this daily project will indeed help me find 'Perfect Peace' as I 'begin each day as if it were on purpose, Infused with Imagination' - such fun!!


  1. Funnily enough I started doing a little bit of collage. My only problem is I don't want to pull apart my magazines, espcially the very beautiful The Simple Things!

  2. Lovely Claire, a collage a day seems to fit you well. I am doing the Icad challenge. Don't know what I was thinking since I have no time for it. My plans are to use it as a warm up for other art. We'll see.

  3. Hi Claire, love your collages, it's a great idea to do one a day, I'm trying the icad too, some form of art on an index card, last year I started but I didn't finish, now I'm trying again. Hope the Botox improves your arm and you can have peace with your new project. I can't wait to see your strawberry full moon pages, it's tomorrow :)

  4. Hi Claire, thought you'd be interested, I've just registered:


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