Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nurturing Thursday (no. 2)

I love to collage, and I've found ways to do it one-handed (as my right side is still paralyzed from the stroke). This means the images are mainly straight-edged or pre-cut, but with a little ingenuity they can still be interesting...

Lift the flaps...

... to reveal one of my favourite quotes, and it's one I try to live by:

be kind: for everyone is facing a hard battle

For we are all fragile, and a smile and a little kindness to a passing stranger, a colleague, a shop assistant, can strengthen us all.
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  1. What a wonderful edition to lift one's spirit and determination while demonstrating an avenue of creativity! Thank you for sharing and linking with Nurturing Thursday!

    Please accept my apologies for the "auto correct" error of my brain ... I knew it didn't look correct, but couldn't determine the error was in the inaccurate name displayed. I have corrected it! ��

    1. Thanks so much, Becca! I'm so enjoying being a part of NT :)

  2. Hi Claire, so lovely post, your collages are perfect, you have a great taste placing them together. Yes, kindness is missing in this world, we need to be vigilant and spread a little bit on our path, it's free and makes people happy. Have a lovely day!

  3. Yes, though we may try to hide it, all of us are more fragile and in need of kindness than we may know...

  4. Claire, I love your collages, they are wonderful and I love the idea of having flaps to lift with secret messages inside. This is one of my favorite quotes, it is often in the back of my mind when faced with challenging people! : )


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